Govindraj, Founder and CEO of CashPundit, is a Certified Public Accountant (USA) and has more than 30 years of finance, accounting, and IT experience. He has worked as a CFO of many multi-million-dollar companies and has implemented JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Orion, Focus, Tally and other ERPs in his career.  Here is his story of how CashPundit was born..

The Genesis of CashPundit

“ERPs record transactions that have already taken place and give you the reports. These reports are like post-mortem reports. CRMs help manage interaction with current and potential customers. Even though Cash is the life blood of a business, there are no softwares that help businesses manage their cash flows. I spoke to many controllers and CFOs, and almost all of them told me that they use Excel to manage their collections and cash flows. I looked for a software that could automate the entire collections and cash flow management process but could not find any. That’s when I conceived and founded CashPundit to help businesses manage their collections and cash flows effectively.”

The CashPundit Advantage

CashPundit is a cloud-based Cash Flow Management (CFM) Software. It gives 360-degree view of cash flows, boosts collections, and helps reduce overdue receivables. It identifies potential shortfall in cash balances in advance and helps businesses take necessary action to avoid cash flow problems.

CashPundit integrates with ERPs and automates the entire process of collections and cash flow management.

CashPundit has won several international awards. It is part of the Oracle Global Start-up Program, a cloud partner of Sage, and is listed on the QuickBooks App Store. Its patent application is pending in USA and India.

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