• April 9, 2020

Cash is King: 3 Reasons why Managing Your Cash is More Important than Managing Sales


The flow of cash within a business is one of the truest markers of its performance. The amount of free cash a business has shown its capacity to meet up-scaling requirements. However, the usual parameter for gauging a company’s performance remains to be its sales. This further pushes most companies towards concentrating on the management of sales through various techniques.

It has rather been noted that the usage of cash flow management tools yields better results than the same operations performed on sales. Sales are no doubt a highly critical aspect of any business, and are considered to be the lifeblood of any business. But, with proper cash management tools, a business can achieve the power to survive and grow beyond the immediate future.

The term ‘cash is king’ is not to be taken lightly, and here are 3 reasons why so.

1. A Debt-Free Future

With the right kind of cash flow management, a business can ensure that it never falls short of funds for any of its projects or activities. The more debts and loans a business enters into the lesser autonomy it possesses. And this can be a highly definitive factor when it comes to being achieving growth. Many brands are unable to take a leap because they are tied down by debts. With the help of cash flow management services, it is possible to know the availability of funds at any moment, and thereby plan accordingly.

Furthermore, when a company does not have to worry about debts, then it can invest in buying aspects that strengthen its foundations, such as buying back shares, reinvesting in the business. A business that is not tied down by debts is bound to grow much faster.

2. Assuring Business Growth

The ability to create free cash flow is one of the primary components of business growth. If a company is to expand upon its operations and capabilities it needs to increase its cash flow. Even the most ingenious business ideas fail because their financial operations are not well calculated. Every company out there needs to ensure that they are creating positive cash flow, otherwise, in the long run, their business will be doomed.

3. Surviving Tough Times

With the state of the current global economy, every business should know that keeping cash at hand will allow their business to take a hit but still survive. Solid cash flow allows companies to prepare for emergency situations and also maintains peace within the workforce.

Loans are not always available, and with proper cash flow management services, you will never need one. As long as positive cash flow remains, you get to pay your bills and salaries on time, and most importantly, keep the business running!

So, managing cash flow is indeed key to running a business in the most optimized manner possible. If you are a SME or belong to an industry that requires heavy logistics, cash flow management services will provide you with the much needed competitive edge.

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