• March 18, 2020

CashPundit - Cash Flow Management App


CashPundit is an award-winning and excellent tool for forecasting cash flow, and cash management. It is integrated with Tally, Busy, QuickBooks, Sage One, Sage 300, Sage 200 Evolution, Sage 50 US, Orion, Maxus and few other ERPs. View your flow of cash on a daily, weekly, or a monthly basis, with only a click of the button. CashPundit is suitable for almost all businesses who sell on credit and have huge receivable, especially those who use Tally, Busy, and Sage accounting softwares.

The application reads the invoice due and promised to pay dates of invoices and bills and provides the user with actionable and granular insights into their cash flow. The insight and report can also be shared with the user’s bank, board, or investor.

The Benefits of CashPundit

There is a seamless integration between CashPundit and many accounting systems, and so the application can provide the user with cash flow projections. The application helps the user to manage collections, and cash flows effectively. The most convenient benefit of CashPundit is that the app can fetch live data automatically from the accounting package. The user need not enter the information manually for receiving an ongoing, accurate, and realistic forecast.

Quick Facts About CashPundit

* Generates cash flow forecast with a single click
* Gives 360-degree view of your cash inflows and outflows
* Helps manage cash flows at your fingertips
* Syncs with many accounting softwares
* Send automated email reminders to customers for payment
* Reminds the users to follow-up with customers on due dates

Pricing Plans of CashPundit

CashPundit is offered on subscription per user basis and starts with a free trial so that you can explore the exciting features of the application before paying for its services.
* The Lite version is for businesses who are using non-standard accounting softwares. This version allows users to upload data through Excel and manage their cash flows.

* The Professional version is for small and medium businesses using ERPs which have been integrated with CashPundit. This version allows users to sync their ERP data at intervals set by them. This version provides users certain additional reports like sales and collections which are not available in the Lite Version.

* The Enterprise version is for large enterprises and group of companies which have many business units, branches and companies and need to manage their cash flows at various levels of hierarchy, and consolidate them at the group level.

Review of CashPundit

CashPundit makes the challenges of accounting and management of businesses so much simpler. CashPundit is highly suitable for small and large-scale enterprises for whom keeping track of cash flow is of the utmost importance. The multi-platform solution for the management of cash is very simple and user-friendly. CashPundit automatically updates the data at the time interval set by you and highlights the inflow and outflow of cash as well. Almost all our customers feel that CashPundit is one of the most beneficial add-on softwares for cash flow management.

If you’ve got questions, CashPundit has the answers. Model the above scenarios to give your company time to prepare, plan, or change direction.

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