• March 25, 2020

Tally’s Most Popular Collections and Cash Flow Tool

CashPundit seamlessly integrates with Tally to give you a powerful, easy-to-use tool that provides an accurate view of your future cash balance. Build your Tally cash flow forecast in minutes, and never look back.

CashPundit automatically syncs with Tally to keep your forecast up-to-date with a realistic and rolling picture of your cash. Which means you can spend more time planning for the future and less time worrying about your finances.

Join the hundreds of Tally users already on CashPundit and:

• Get 360-degree visibility of your cash flows
• Generate cash flow statements with a single click
• Get a list of invoices which are overdue and going to be due shortly
• Get region wise, branch wise and salesperson wise receivables
• Monitor your receivables on your smartphones

Have full visibility of your projected cash flows

CashPundit seamlessly imports your Tally data at intervals set by you, showing you the projected cash inflows and outflows, how much cash you will have on a particular day in the future.

CashPundit helps you track your budgeted collections vs actual collections and budgeted sales vs actual sales.

Decide when to follow-up, when to pay your vendors, and when to delay payment

CashPundit lets you know in advance the potential shortfall in cash balance You will get instant visibility into what bills or invoices are due and what impact they’ll have on your current and future cash balance.

You can update expected payment dates on bills and invoices; and decide which debtors to chase and which bills to postpone in order to stay cash positive.

Easily plan for your ideal future

CashPundit helps you make informed decisions on the future of your business based on the cash you’ll actually have in the bank.

• Can you expand your business without loans?
• Can you acquire companies?
• Can you make capital expenditure?
• How much can you afford to reinvest?
• Can you take cash out of the business?
• Can you hire a new employee?

If you’ve got questions, CashPundit has the answers. Model the above scenarios to give your company time to prepare, plan, or change direction.

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